New LCSH may contain trace amounts of nuts

As you may’ve seen on twitter:

Here’s the timeline of how this came to pass:

  1. In late January of 2016, Catherine floated the idea of us tag-teaming Asexuality and Asexual people as LCSH proposals. We shared some resources and then got to work.
  2. I submitted my half (Asexuality) through the non-SACO proposal form, and then followed up with an e-mail.
  3. On February 2nd, Paul Frank (hooray!) swept up the heading from the sea and popped it right into the queue. In addition, he created the heading Asexual people. Catherine’s work is to be commended and was not for naught! (Just wait)
  4. March 31st: the PSD editorial meeting posted their minutes which had a lot of concerns and questions about the proposals. They were given the a “revise and resubmit” status.
  5. Enter the Team.
  6. Assembled in a google doc, Catherine, Jessica, Miranda, Violet and I began gathering sources and sources and sources (Catherine’s earlier work proved quite useful here!)
  7. On April 18th I resubmitted both proposals to Paul directly (I was unable to edit the master records because they were DLC’s)
  8. May 24th, notification came that the headings were scheduled for List 1606.
  9. Today — July 13, 2016, they are approved for usage.

I wanted to illustrate this process (and I’m glossing over a LOT) because it’s all pretty opaque to people who haven’t gone through it. There isn’t a lot of clarity on what it’s like to get a heading into production, and I want to remedy that.


Onto the headings! (As always — check out the full approved list)


Book burning in art

Painting of a book burning
This guy’s heart really doesn’t seem in it


Bus accidents–Investigation

Still from the movie Speed
Nonstop investigation action

Cary-Elwes family

A family of Cary-Elwes'
Courtesy of @ajlobster

Crescents (Shapes)

A croissant
I dare you to find a tastier shape

Flash fiction, Spanish

Spanish language Flash comic
I get that he’s being slapped, but why are his arms like that?

Freedom of religion in motion pictures

poster of God's Not Dead 2
You come for the David A.R. White — you STAY for more David A.R. White.


Horsea Island (England)

This place is gonna be swarming with Pokemon catchers.

Juggalos (Music fans)

I am not enthusiastic enough about anything

Libraries–Computer programs

Definitely go for Super search

Plagiarism in literature

Why yes, I DID have a livejournal back in the day why do you ask?

Proud globelet

More like: smug globelet

Quiverfull movement

Wait, I thought we just did Proud globelet


Riddles in motion pictures

I wanna be CGI backwards face Riddle


Two thousand fourteen, A.D.

My favorite thing from 2014. I still enjoy saying ‘apparently’ in this manner.

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