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Alcohol trafficking

Home and Bart brewing their own alcohol on The Simpsons
You’re out there somewhere, Beer Baron and I’ll find you.


Buccal swabs

Image of a cheek swab
Did anyone else look at their own cells this way in middle school?


Clumsiness in literature


Dentistry–Religious aspects

Why couldn’t Jesus have made our teeth perfect so we didn’t need check ups in the first place?


Haunted museums

Image of British museum
At night the ghosts of all the people whose artifacts they looted moan, ‘repaaaaaaatriaaaaate’



Ad that reads '9 Hella Rad Homestay programs for High School Students'
How do you do fellow kids?


Iron castings

Still from Iron Man 1 showing Tony pulling the mask from the forge
They don’t show this part in the movie but you assume he made a casting before the finished project


Islamophobia in literature

Nothing says “My book is Islamophobic” like a blurb from Coulter


Painting–Equipment and supplies

Cat painting with its paws on a wall
1. Paws 2. Paint


Road loads

NASA crawler-transporter
At 2,700 tons, i’m thinking it probably can’t go over many bridges


Rock music in literature

Still from Ready Player One where Lena Waithe is wearing a Rush shirt
The only Rush reference in the movie, but in the book — playing the entirety of 2112 correctly is a major part of the 3rd act


White matter

x-ray labeled with White Matter and Gray Matter
I bet I could’ve correctly identified this cross section, and I’m not even a doctor!


X-files fiction

Scully reading Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space' on the X-Files
Scully’s skeptical, maybe a visit from Alex Trebek would convince her.