still from Metallica's ...And Justice For All

This post is the opinion of Netanel Ganin and is in no way to be construed as an official communication from any section of any institution. 

As always — check out the full approved list, and be sure to read through the newest tentative list and to send feedback to LC! Your feedback matters, as PSD says:

“Each Tentative List includes an email address to which comments on the proposals may be submitted. PSD accepts comments from LC and SACO catalogers, other library and archive professionals, lawmakers, and members of the general public. The comment period lasts approximately one month, beginning with the publication of the Tentative List and continuing until the closing date indicated on the list.”

Back translation

still from Water World - Tina Majorino's back tattoo
it means: “Watch Veronica “Mars


Brienne, Counts of

picture of three Briennes of Tarth
1, 2, 3 Briennes! [‘shop by @ajlobster]

Cast-iron cookware

washing a cast-iron pan with soap
You maniac! You’re going to ruin it!


Dadaism and music

okay, I guess that’s Dadadaism…

Giraffes as pets

guy with pet giraffe
Hello, why the fuck am I inside your house



a spell book
a good grimoire is hard to shelve, has some kind of unusual binding or clasp and preferably has a cool raised star or skull on the cover


Haunted dolls

Still from The Boy
Remember, all dolls LOOK haunted but sometimes, like in this lousy movie, the dolls are just creepy


Human body and technology in art

picture of Cyborg Superman
With Henry Cavill out is it finally time for Cyborg Superman to step up??? [yes i know that’s a Kryptonian body, don’t @ me]

Jinn in literature

Cover art of book: Jinn and Juice / Nicole Peeler
You’ll be pleased to know there are also MANY titles along the lines of “Djinn and Tonic”


Justice (Personification)

still from Metallica's ...And Justice For All
Hammer of justice crushes you, overpower


Passivity (Psychology) in youth

drawing of Holden Caulfield
DO something you whiny nincompoop!


Princess in motion pictures

Still from Wreck-It-Ralph with all the Disney princesses
One well placed explosive would really destabilize the Disney Queendoms


Science on television

give Scully that fucking science

Smart cookers

image of a chef that says
My cooking IQ tells me to duck when a pan is being hurled at my neck

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