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Basic input-output systems

diagram of human mouth
insert food, receive diatribes


Cell phone systems–Antennas

nonsense fear-mongering about cell phone anttenas



a stitched chain chomp
so what do these guys look like without the chain? Just a big head?


Commemorative boxes

replica of the box the Ark was kept in Raiders of the Lost Ark
Commemorate the time all those nazis died with this replica


Community cookbooks

Community (NBC tv show) cookbook
It’s like 90% Shirley. Thanks to Anna for the ‘shop


Corporate culture on television

Still from Silicon Valley where Gavin Belson mocks a bulldog
Consider the bulldog



Promotional still for Wisdom of the Crowd
Sorry Jeremy, your mediocrity will have to find another home


Flaying (Torture)

still from Passion of the Christ
Not depicted: flaying of white Jesus


Glass dance

Greek man dancing with glasses on his head
The other most dangerous game


Goddesses in mass media

Comic depicting many goddesses from diff cultures creating Themyscira
Creating Themyscira was a collaborative effort!


Nature-inspired algorithms

Racist twitter bot
Here’s the problem tho, human nature is bad


Quidditch (Game)

logo for Emerson College's Quidditch team
I used to work at Emerson–their Quidditch team was great!


Right to democracy

Picture from Women's March, 2017
Abolish the electoral college.



Sultan's palace from Aladdin
Someday, Abu, things are gonna change. We’ll be rich, live in a palace, and never have any problems at all.


Threats in language

Twin Peaks (Wash. : Imaginary place)

Dale Cooper giving thumbs up
Diane, if you ever get up this way, that cherry pie is worth a stop.


Windborne debris

Gif from twister where Helen Hunt says 'another cow'
Helen knows why we’re here.


Wit and humor in social media

image that says 'The worst part about Twitter being down is not being able to tweet mediocre jokes about Twitter being down'