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Albanians (Ancient)

ancient aliens meme but with albanians


Copley Square (Boston, Mass.)

picture of copley square
During those cold Boston months, the heat lamps under the awning of the Copley Square hotel are a lifesaver


Diseases in the theater

steel magnolias play
Spoiler alert for whoever plays Condola Rashād’s character


Eco clubs

Annie and Britta from Community join an environmental group
Help the gulf


Extrasolar planets–Orbits

diagram with weird extra-solar planet's orbit
I bet the locals call it something snappier than HD76920b


Fishes–Heavy metal content

fish playing a bass with a metal haircut
definitely a bass


Invisibility–Religious aspects

invisible pink unicorn image
May Her Holy Hooves Never Be Shod


Language and languages in advertising

a bunch of programming languages
Okay, I admit that calling this an advertisement is generous


Liminality in music

I like to imagine they just filmed themselves running around the glades

Lone twins

Unborn movie poster
The least Jewish movie about a Dybbuk I’ve ever seen [also has a lone twin tho]

Long-distance relationships in motion pictures

Space Between Us movie poster
There’s prolly a longer-distance relationship than Earth-Mars in a movie, but that’s pretty far


Military parades

neon sign that says 'Nope'

Mouth in literature

cover for "I have no mouth and I must scream"
I assume LCSH would use “Mouth in literature” for “No mouth in literature”


Snails in art

Parpar nehmad was a big part of my childhood, and the shablul was obvi the best


Tissue culture–Religious aspects

5 religions tissue box
Easy A!


Urination in art

Peeing Calvin
This is what happens when you don’t license your characters, Bill!


Weasels as pets

hot tip: weasels do not make good pets, despite this vid

Women in science on television

I know I already used this, but it’s too good not to use again.


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