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As always — check out the full approved list, and be sure to read through the newest tentative list and to send feedback to LC! Your feedback matters, as PSD says:

“Each Tentative List includes an email address to which comments on the proposals may be submitted. PSD accepts comments from LC and SACO catalogers, other library and archive professionals, lawmakers, and members of the general public. The comment period lasts approximately one month, beginning with the publication of the Tentative List and continuing until the closing date indicated on the list.”

The following are newly approved headings which I proposed [or canceled LCSH in favor of NARs]

  • Furries
  • Morgan, Dexter (Fictitious character)

African American women basketball players

Lisa Leslie
Lisa Leslie was the first WNBA player to dunk in a game [July 30, 2002)

African American women on television

Molly and Issa may not know what they’re doing, Tiff may be lost up her own ass — but Kelli is LIVING HER BEST LIFE


Augmented reality art

“Now people spend even more time on their phones in art museums”–A bunch of think pieces, probably


Baseball for people with visual disabilities

Beep baseball! Check it out if you haven’t heard of it:


Bratz dolls

I would not have expected for this to exist but here we are.


Diabetic children

Good matching of juice-box colors to uniform


Dolls–Law and legislation

Do not spy on your children! Or do w/e i dunno, i’m not a parent.


Envy in art

If it wasn’t for School of Rock, this wouldn’t’ve gotten a theatrical release! I’m not sure that’s a net gain for us.


Floating cities

Oh cool, what a super reasonable place to build a city


Gems–Symbolic aspects

I’ve really fallen behind, I barely know half of these…


Historic towers

a beautiful rendering of Can’-Ka No Rey if it do ya fine


Home on television

Even I think this is a stupid joke


Kwädąy Dän Ts’ìnchį (Ice mummy)

Here’s one of his tools, I know he wasn’t always an ice mummy, but the qualifier kinda makes it sound like he was.


Mirrors in motion pictures

I still don’t really understand what was happening in this scene


Phrenology in art

Good idea, Huey, Dewey, or Louie!


Protest camps

Do not rehabilitate this man’s legacy


Sex role in architecture

Nailed it.


Skating–Songs and music

[Yes, they’re skating to Closer to the Heart by Rush]

Storms in music

Translating and interpreting in literature

245 $a To serve man. Don’t check the 655…