This post is the opinion of Netanel Ganin and is in no way to be construed as an official communication from any section of any institution. 

As always — check out the full approved list, and be sure to read through the newest tentative list and to send feedback to LC! Your feedback matters, as PSD says:

“Each Tentative List includes an email address to which comments on the proposals may be submitted. PSD accepts comments from LC and SACO catalogers, other library and archive professionals, lawmakers, and members of the general public. The comment period lasts approximately one month, beginning with the publication of the Tentative List and continuing until the closing date indicated on the list.”

The following are newly approved headings which I proposed [or canceled LCSH in favor of NARs]

  • Paranormal television shows [LCGFT term]
  • Gray, Dorian (Fictitious character)
  • Mason, Perry (Fictitious character)

And now, onto the headings!

African American women Olympic athletes

Simon Biles with a ton of medals

Crabs, Dressing of

A crab wearing a top hat and holding a cane
Get you get a monocole on an eye stalk?

Depressed persons in art

Big monster lurking over guy's shoulder
Your depression may vary.

Fake news

cartoon of a newspaper kiosk that has two sections 'Fiction' and 'Non-fiction'
I guess I’ll say this for the admin, they’re inspiring more LCSH than the previous

Gender-nonconforming people

Three cheers to Violet for this great proposal!

I AM Religious Activity hymns

Comandante Estelar.
I’ve never heard of this religion until this heading popped up. I’m still pretty unclear on its basic tenets.

Jewish women comedians

Julie Goldman
Emerson Alum! [I used to work there]


multiverse theory depicted as many spheres near each other
Yeah reality is prolly just infinite spheres

Nanteos Cup

Nanteos cup
Could this be the holy grail? If I know anything, it won’t be ornate so…maybe.


Sentient puddle from Doctor Who
Anyone else confused on how the sentient puddle was able to travel through time and space without a ship?

Selfies (Photography)

Monkey selfie

Singers’ spouses

Geddy Lee and his wife Nancy Young
A young Nancy Young!

Soccer in popular culture

Still from She's the Man
Amanda Bynes is hilarious in this, I wish her the best

Trespass in literature

Peter Rabbit eating carrots
It’s the ill-gotten vegetables that taste best