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As always — check out the full approved list, and be sure to read through the newest tentative list and to send feedback to LC! Your feedback matters, as PSD says:

“Each Tentative List includes an email address to which comments on the proposals may be submitted. PSD accepts comments from LC and SACO catalogers, other library and archive professionals, lawmakers, and members of the general public. The comment period lasts approximately one month, beginning with the publication of the Tentative List and continuing until the closing date indicated on the list.”

And now, onto the headings!

Animated television programs–Japanese influences

now begin debating which Robin it is


Career fairs

Yes hello, where is your library booth?


Child knitters

so good she already made some arm warmers!


Chili con queso

I got *real* hungry looking for pictures of this


Comic-book stores

in the years since I stopped watching have they done an episode where he’s an asshole to women patrons?



climate change, sound economics, just keep going


Food fraud

I *like* vegan cooking, but not when it pretends to be meat


Ghosts–Religious aspects

This is not what a dybbuk looks like


Libraries and authors

I’m not that into this guy’s writing — but the dude does love libraries


Monsters in the theater



Motion pictures for teenage girls

this is a cool movie about the bullshit we put our teen girls thru


Pescatarian cooking

I think this still counts as cooking, right?


Popular-music archives

Obviously if the Rush archive ever existed…yeah I’d apply


Schools–War use

I endorse this message


Walkman (Portable media player)

Who says LCSH is behind the curve


Women skateboarders

Vanessa Torres doing a skate thing on a skate…thing