Tracking My LCSH Proposals

Edit 2017-01-24

I learned while at ALA Midwinter that I’d been fundamentally missing a crucial and important step in the creation of subject headings. I wasn’t alerting anybody! I was creating the headings in the ClassWeb system and had somehow thought that people at LC were automatically alerted to their existence. That is not the case.

I should’ve been sending an email to SACO each time I created a heading needing evaluation.

In conclusion — I chastise myself for having been critical in my presentation at the Faceted Subject Interest Group at ALA Annual ’16. Though the process is complicated, I wasn’t in a position to criticize it when I didn’t full understand it.

Original post: Partly for my own edification, and partly for just seeing a bit more about how sausage is made, I’ll be keeping track here of when I propose an LCSH, versus when it’s evaluated by the PSD. (Also including ones I worked on if I didn’t propose them directly)

An asterisk means I sent them to Paul Frank, which I note because his power to push them into the queue quickly is significant.



As always — check out the full approved list

New LCSH is not going to fix this

A couple notes from the editorial meeting before we begin:

The following subdivisions will be added to lists of free-floating subdivisions:

  1. H 1147, Animals
    $x Phenology (May Subd Geog)
  2. H 1156, Literatures
    $x Garifuna authors
  3. H 1195, Land Vehicles
    $x Motors $x Exhaust manifolds


Also, I’m sure you know that ‘White privilege’ was rejected again by the PSD. April Hathcock has written about this, and you should go read what she wrote. I want to add that this is the second time that they’ve rejected the term, and this time it strongly seems like they’re not amenable to reevaluating it.


LCSH does not include specific headings for groups discriminated against. Numerous works about white privilege have been assigned the headings Race discrimination and Whites—Race identity, and the meeting wishes to continue that practice. ”

Leaving aside the fundamental misunderstanding of what white privilege is that this statement belies, it sounds like barring a major shift in their practices, they won’t revisit this decision.

African American biologists

Picture of A. Oveta Fuller
A. Oveta Fuller! Discovering B5 receptors all over the place

Airplanes on television

still from tv show "Lost"
Aircraft accidents — $z The Island

Alien artifacts

Still from 2001: A Space Odyssey
Don’t touch it! It’ll make you evolve! Or Something!

Askenazic cooking

Matzo Brei a Jewish recipe of dampened matzo crackers fried with eggs.
Best part of Pesach is that tasty tasty matsah brei

Bicycle racing–Religious aspects

Cross made of bicycles
Jesus would never dope.

Capsule toys

Standing capsule toy vending machine
Terrible use of a quarter

Emotion recognition

Emotion recognition software image
I dunno Microsoft, he looks more *stoked* to me…

Island life

Magic the Gathering card, Island Fish Jasconius
I used to have two of these! I liked the rhythm of its name

Jewish novelists

Picture of Rebecca Walker
Rebecca Walker wrote her first novel in 2013, check it out

Parricide in motion pictures

Cover of "Perfect Sisters" movie
Bonus points if you can find the post where I already used this picture!

Queen snake

Picture of snake in a crown

Rash family

T-shirt that says 'RASH'
If I ever let a Rush reference go by, you’ll let me know, right?


An RDA toolkit, a vaping thing
The other RDA toolkit

Winds in motion pictures

Still from 'Gone with the Wind'
Frankly my dear, this isn’t the scene where I say that line

Yarn bombing

a tank that has been yarn-bombed
This is the only kind of pink military equipment I want to see