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I saw this tweet a few days ago, and thought to myself — challenge accepted!

Here’s a very up-to-date and comprehensive subject heading guide for queer folks in the LCSH/LCGFT/LCDGT

If all you want is the link, have at it. If you’re interested in a bit more of the ways and means and hows — here’s more of that:

  1. I went to id.loc.gov and searched the following terms:
    1. Sexual minorities (and minority), queer, lesbian, gay, gender, orientation, intersex, transgender, transexual, and bisexual.
  2. Downloaded each relevant record (some hits with those terms were not) as RDF/XML (MADS and SKOS)
  3. Created a master RDF/XML file, available for your perusal, here
  4. Wrote an XSLT to make this (Class Web inspired) visual display, available for your perusal, here

Update 2017-06-30

  • Male homosexuality in the theater

Came from new LCSH list 1705

Update 2017-03-18

  • Intersex people [LCDGT]
  • Parents of transgender people [LCDGT]
  • Conversion therapy patients [LCDGT]

So these three are actually older LCDGT headings, but id.loc.gov hadn’t been updating for months and months! I emailed Janis Young and she got it sorted out, so I was finally able to add these back-catalog headings. Many thanks to her.

Update 2017-01-03

  • Museums and sexual minorities
  • Sexual minorities’ writings, Australian
  • Gay actors–United States

First two came from new LCSH: List 1611, the third I just noticed!

Update 2016-10-27

  • Neopagan gays
  • Stonewall National Monument (New York, N.Y.)
  • Hispanic American gay men
  • Hispanic American bisexual men
  • Bisexuality and education
  • Bisexual men–Relations with women

all came from new LCSH: List 1609

Update 2016-09-20

  • Gay musicologists

Natch, came from new LCSHList 1608

Update 2016-08-28

  • Discrimination against intersex people
  • Female-to-male transsexuals in art
  • Intersex people [updated]

That last one, Intersex people, had already been in LCSH, but they added a couple new UFs, so I updated mine.

As per uzh, they came from new LCSHList 1607

Update 2016-07-21

  • Asexual people
  • Asexuality (Sexual orientation)
  • Gay detectives

All three came from the newest LCSH: List 1606

Update 2016-06-11

  • Cisgender people
  • African American sexual minorities
  • African American bisexual women

All three came from the newest LCSH: List 1605

Update 2016-05-23

  • Parents of transgender children
  • Same-sex marriage (Islamic law)
  • Sexual minorities (Islamic law)
  • Drag shows

Drag shows is another Alex found, and the other three are from the newest LCSH: List 1604

Update 2016-05-13

Look, I made it ma! These are newly added headings that I found myself — totally missed ’em, but they’re in there now.

  • Conflict of laws–Same-sex marriage
  • Children of same-sex parents
  • Same-sex marriage in literature
  • Same-sex parents
  • Same-sex marriage in art
  • Same-sex marriage–Law and legislation–United States
  • Same-sex marriage–Religious aspects
  • Same-sex marriage–Law and legislation
  • Same-sex marriage–United States
  • Same-sex marriage–Religious aspects–Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]
  • Same-sex marriage–Religious aspects–Baptists, [Catholic Church, etc.]

Update 2016-05-06

Alex pointed me towards ‘Polari’ another good term I was missing, but I then realized that it was actually an NT of a term already on my list ‘Gay men–Language’. So I added to my error checkers a little code to spit out to any NT that isn’t on my list. By my reckoning, a given BT may not necessarily need to be on the list itself (e.g. ‘Bisexual parents’ has a BT of ‘Parents’) but every NT should be on the list.

So to that end, I also ended up adding:

  • Polari
  • African American bisexuals
  • Pacific Islander American bisexuals
  • Asian American bisexuals
  • Transvestites
  • Leather bars

Update 2016-05-04

Frankly, everyone who isn’t Alex is doing a real bad job of identifying ones I’ve missed!

  • Handkerchief codes
  • Male impersonators
  • Male impersonators in motion pictures
  • Female impersonators
  • Female impersonators in motion pictures
  • Female impersonators on television
  • Homomonument (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • Sexual orientation in art
  • Stonewall Riots, New York, N.Y., 1969
  • Androgyny (Psychology) in literature
  • Androgyny (Psychology)
  • Androgyny (Psychology) in art
  • Androgyny (Psychology)–Religious aspects–Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]
  • Androgyny (Psychology)–Religious aspects

Update 2016-05-03

Another set of missed headings, courtesy of trusty Alex

  • Homophobia in high schools
  • Homophobia in anthropology
  • Homophobia in psychoanalysis
  • Homophobia in children
  • Homophobia in sports
  • Homophobia in art
  • Homophobia in literature
  • Homophobia in schools
  • Homophobia in medicine
  • Homophobia in social work
  • Homophobia in child welfare
  • Homophobia in higher education
  • Homophobia in medical care
  • Homophobia in physical education
  • Homophobia in the military
  • Homophobia in the workplace
  • Homophobia in gerontology
  • Homophobia–United States
  • Homophobia–Religious aspects–Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]
  • Homophobia–Religious aspects
  • Homophobia–Religious aspects–Baptists, [Catholic Church, etc.]
  • Homophobia–Law and legislation
  • Homophobia–Press coverage

Update 2016-04-30

Thanks again to Alex for their continued noticing of headings I’ve missed! Let’s be real — I should’ve been using truncation when I did my initial searches. Rookie mistake, Ganin, rookie mistake.

I’ve now added:

  • Intersexuality in literature
  • Intersexuality in children
  • Intersexuality in art
  • Intersexuality–Mythology

Update 2016-04-22

Added “LGBT History Month” as it was in the most recent New LCSH

Update 2016-04-20

Big update!

So first off — a tremendous thank-you to my wonderful and observant colleague Alex who noticed something missing from my headings: ‘Astrology and homosexuality’. How could it be?! I’d been so careful! So let’s revisit my original process:

I searched Sexual minorities (and minority), queer, lesbian, gay, gender, orientation, intersex, transgender, transexual, and bisexual at id.loc.gov and grabbed every relevant term from the search. If any of those words appeared in a 150 or 450, I nabbed it.

But did you see what I didn’t search? That’s right — ‘Homosexuality’. In information retrieval terms this is precision and recall. I visually inspected each term to make sure they weren’t false positives (recall) but I wasn’t wide enough with my initial search terms to get perfect precision. I missed many relevant results.

Because this actually goes deeper than not having searched ‘homosexuality’. I searched ‘Homosexual’ and got still more that I needed. I searched ‘Bisexuality‘ and came up with one that wasn’t retrieved on a search for ‘Bisexual’. I searched ‘Lesbianism’ and found still more. So what’s important to note (for both me and others) is that these aren’t ALL the terms, it’s just the 862 I could find.

So if you’ve been maintaining your own list somewhere — and need to know which are the new terms, here they are:

  • Homosexuality
  • Homosexuality on radio
  • Homosexuality and art
  • Homosexuality and dance
  • Homosexuality and literature
  • Homosexuality and motion pictures
  • Homosexuality and the arts
  • Homosexuality and popular music L
  • Homosexuality and theater
  • Homosexuality and music
  • Astrology and homosexuality
  • Psychoanalysis and homosexuality
  • Male homosexuality in art
  • Socialism and homosexuality
  • Male homosexuality in literature
  • Homosexuality and architecture
  • Homosexuality and television
  • Homosexuality and education
  • Children and homosexuality
  • National socialism and homosexuality
  • Male homosexuality
  • Male homosexuality in motion pictures
  • Bible and homosexuality
  • Male homosexuality in music
  • Homosexuality in art
  • Homosexuality in music
  • Homosexuality in motion pictures
  • Homosexuality in dance
  • Homosexuality in video games
  • Homosexuality in opera
  • Homosexuality in literature
  • Homosexuality in the Bible
  • Homosexuality (Canon law)
  • Homosexuality in the theater
  • Homosexuality in animals
  • Homosexuality in the workplace
  • Homosexuality–Bibliography
  • Homosexuality–Netherlands
  • Male homosexuality–Religious aspects
  • Homosexuality–Philosophy
  • Homosexuality–Religious aspects–Judaism
  • Homosexuality–Religious aspects–Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]
  • Homosexuality–Genetic aspects
  • Homosexuality and literature–Great Britain–History–19th century
  • Homosexuality–Literary collections
  • Homosexuality–Psychological aspects
  • Homosexuality–Social aspects
  • Homosexuality–Fiction
  • Homosexuality and literature–English-speaking countries
  • Homosexuality and literature–United States–History–20th century
  • Male homosexuality–Psychological aspects
  • Homosexuality–United States
  • Homosexuality–Biblical teaching
  • Homosexuality–Law and legislation–United States
  • Homosexuality–Religious aspects–Catholic Church
  • Male homosexuality–Mythology
  • Homosexuality–History
  • Homosexuality–Periodicals
  • Male homosexuality–Religious aspects–Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]
  • Homosexuality–Religious aspects–Baptists, [Catholic Church, etc.]
  • Homosexuality–Moral and ethical aspects
  • Homosexuality and literature–France
  • Homosexuality–Great Britain
  • Homosexuality–Moral and ethical aspects
  • Homosexuality and education–United States
  • Homosexuality and literature–United States
  • Homosexuality–Religious aspects–Christianity
  • Male homosexuality–United States
  • Homosexuality–Law and legislation
  • Homosexuality–Religious aspects
  • Homosexuality–Mythology
  • Homosexuality–Folklore
  • Male prostitution
  • Bisexuality
  • Lesbianism in motion pictures
  • Lesbianism in literature
  • Lesbianism on television
  • Lesbianism in art
  • Lesbianism in opera
  • Lesbianism–History
  • Lesbianism–Religious aspects–Baptists, [Catholic Church, etc.]
  • Lesbianism–United States
  • Lesbianism–History–To 500
  • Lesbianism–Religious aspects
  • Lesbianism–Religious aspects–Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]

Update 2016-03-10

Added “Two-spirit people in literature” as it was in the most recent New LCSH

Update 2016-02-20

  • Added two more terms (as they were in the most recent New LCSH)
    • Sexual minority veterans
    • Gay veterans
  • Updated the BT for transgender veterans, to Sexual minority veterans (as per New LCSH)

In so doing, I discovered a mistake! There were about 25 or so subject headings which did not have an attribute of @rdf:about in the madsrdf:Topic of madsrdf:hasBroaderAuthority. Without this attribute, the link constructed in the BT wouldn’t work. I manually went through and added those attributes, so you may cease your panicking.

Update 2016-01-01

Changed the links to its permanent home at my new website

Update: 2015-11-21

  • I finished all the additional 10 pages (about 200 terms!) under “Gay” – and also added any term which had an RT in this list, but the term itself wasn’t on the list. (if that made sense…)
  • I added the ‘May Subd Geog’ to each term that can be, and also ‘Former heading’ to those UFs which are formerly authorized headings, rather than standard variant labels.
  • I added a bit of statistical info to the beginning

Couple other notes [from original posting]

  • I decided to code it so that if the BT/NTs were in this list, they’d be anchor links, but if they weren’t it’d take you to their record at id.loc.gov
  • When you click an anchor, I wrote in a yellow highlighting effect, I like it, what do you think?
  • I didn’t display the “Subd Geog” status, do folks want that? It’s easy enough to add in, all the data is still there
  • I made the un-authorized forms italics to help them stand back a bit, whereas Class Web has them normal-style. Thoughts?

I’d love to hear feedback!

  • is this useful for anyone?
  • Any terms I missed
  • Any terms I should’ve avoided? (while obviously side-stepping the fact that many of these terms aren’t very good, they’re the ones in the vocabulary at the moment)

N.B. I’m still missing about 10 pages of various Gay [profession] but I’ll finish them up soon (there are TONS of these…). I think that there’s enough here that you’ll get the idea


5 thoughts on “Up to date Headings

  1. Yes. This is very useful. Great work! Please add the Subd Geo info. It’ll be interesting to see what terms can be Subdivded Geographically and which cannot be. I haven’t had a good chance to review the actually terms, but this a really great start to hopefully improving subject access for queers.


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