Some help for the Iron Maiden researchers

I was listening to some Iron Maiden while having a discussion with some tweeps about aboutness in popular music —

As an Iron Maiden enthusiast, I’ve always been struck by the sheer number of songs of theirs that are based on literary works.

The following is a partial (I say partial because I’m sure I missed some) list of names, name/titles, geogs, etc. you can use when you’re boss isn’t looking and you get to add fun headings to your Iron Maiden albums. (I’m not doing actual aboutness, just working from titles)

I’m using the form subdivision ‘Songs and music’, the scope note is:

Use as a form subdivision under names of countries, cities, etc., names of individual persons and corporate bodies and under classes of persons, ethnic groups, military services, and topical headings for collections or single works of vocal or instrumental music about the subject.

Now that doesn’t actually include “literary works” but it does include “names of persons.” What do you think, is this a legal construction? Would you be able to use it under works entered under a uniform title with no person’s name?

Some of the RDA-enthusiasts among you may be interested in using a subfield i relationship designator instead. Non-“Western Concert music”…is not of great interest to RDA. While the very broad parent category of:

based on (work) A work used as the source for a derivative work. Reciprocal relationship:derivative (work)
will certainly suffice, it’s frustrating there isn’t anything more specific! If a work is turned into a dance, opera, oratorio, or musical theatre — RDA has you covered. There are two narrower options that I think could work, but I’d want to mull it over before committing to using either one. They are:
adaptation of (work) A work that has been modified for a purpose, use, or medium other than that for which it was originally intended. Reciprocal relationship: adapted as (work)
inspired by (work) A work which serves as the inspiration for another work.Reciprocal relationship: inspiration for (work)

Comment, criticize and suggest more!


651 _0 Transylvania (Romania) $v Songs and music.

600 1 0 Leroux, Gaston, $d 1868-1927. $t Fantôme de l’Opéra. $l English $v Songs and music.

600 1 0 Caesar, Julius $x Assassination $v Songs and music.

600 1 0 Poe, Edgar Allan, $d 1809-1849. $t Murders in the Rue Morgue $v Songs and music.

600 1 0 Genghis Khan, 1162-1227 $v Songs and music.

630 0 0 Children of the damned (motion picture) $v Songs and music.

630 0 0 Prisoner (Television program : 1967-1968) $v Songs and music.

600 1 0 Herbert, Frank. $t Dune series $v Songs and music.

600 1 0 Mishima, Yukio, $d 1925-1970. $t Taiyō to tetsu. $l English $v Songs and music.

600 1 0 Campbell, Ramsey, 1946- $t Inhabitant of the lake $v Songs and music.

600 1 0  Tennyson, Alfred Tennyson, Baron, $d 1809-1892. $t Charge of the Light Brigade $v Songs and music.

630 0 0 Where eagles dare (motion picture) $v Songs and music.

630 0 0 Guerre du feu (Motion picture) $v Songs and music.

650 _ 0 Icarus (Greek mythology) $v Songs and music.

650 _ 0 Britain, Battle of, Great Britain, 1940 $v Songs and music.

650 _ 0 Doomsday Clock $v Songs and music.

630 0 0 Duellists (motion picture) $v Songs and music.

600 1 0 Coleridge, Samuel Taylor, $d 1772-1834. $t Rime of the ancient mariner $v Songs and music.

600 1 0 Sillitoe, Alan. $t Loneliness of the long-distance runner $v Songs and music.

600 0 0 Alexander, the Great, $d 356 B.C.-323 B.C. $v Songs and music.

600 1 0 Card, Orson Scott. Seventh son $v Songs and music.

600 1 0 Beach, Edward L. (Edward Latimer), $d 1918-2002 $t Run silent run deep $v Songs and music.

630 0 0 Fugitive (Television program) $v Songs and music.

600 1 0 Golding, William, $d 1911-1993. $t Lord of the flies $v Songs and music.

630 0 0 Falling down (Motion picture) $v Songs and music.

630 0 0  Apocalypse now (Motion picture) $v Songs and music.

630 0 0 Braveheart (Motion picture) $v Songs and music.

630 0 0 Wicker man (Motion picture : 1973) $v Songs and music.

630 0 0 Forbidden planet (Motion picture) $v Songs and music.

650 _ 0 Ypres, 3rd Battle of, Ieper, Belgium, 1917 $v Songs and music.

630 _ 0 When the wind blows (Motion picture) $v Songs and music.

650 _ 0 El Dorado $v Songs and music.

600 1 0 Huxley, Aldous, 1894-1963 $t Brave new world $v Songs and music.

600 1 0 Williams, Robin, 1951-2014 $v Songs and music.


Here’s some interesting things I learned: There’s no authority record for “Brave new world”, only for translations of it. Same goes for “Dune” (the individual first book of the series)



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