As always — check out the full approved list, and be sure to read through the newest tentative list and to send feedback to LC! Your feedback matters, as PSD says:

“Each Tentative List includes an email address to which comments on the proposals may be submitted. PSD accepts comments from LC and SACO catalogers, other library and archive professionals, lawmakers, and members of the general public. The comment period lasts approximately one month, beginning with the publication of the Tentative List and continuing until the closing date indicated on the list.”

The following are newly approved headings which I proposed [or canceled LCSH in favor of NARs]

  • Privilege (Social psychology)
  • BR563.W45 [class number for Christianity — History — By region or country –America — North America — United States — By race or ethnic group, A-Z — Whites]
  • Hawkman (Fictitious character) [Canceled in favor of NAR]

Onto the headings!

Animals in education

cat wearing glasses, reading a book and holding a pencil
This cat could teach us a thing or two


Anthropomorphism in architecture

building shaped like a cow
Comoorcial real estate


Baltimore Riots, Baltimore, MD., 2015

sign that says
Justice for Freddie — also not the heading I would’ve proposed.


Birds of prey in literature

Cover of comic book Birds of Prey
Too cool to look at that explosion


Christians, White

Mike Pence meeting with Freedom Caucus to take away health care
Seems like a representative cross section of America


Destruction art

okay I searched for “exploding art” and didn’t find any, but I did find this:


image from
Go ahead, gamify your library. But when it’s Black Mirror all over place, don’t come crying to me.


Homecoming in art

Still from Spider-Man: Homecoming
There’s TWO homecomings here.


Monsters in education

Cover of
Spoiler: the librarian IS a monster, but also the girl’s parents are monsters so they eat him


Satirical maps

Mercator projection map
yeah, a satire on the ACTUAL relative size of the continents #NeverMercator


Science fiction–Songs and music

image of Rush's 2112
Attention all planets of the solar federation


Smell in design

image of the smell-o-vision from a 4D theater
I saw Wonder Woman in ‘4D’ and the smell aspect added nothing at best and was annoying at worst


As always — check out the full approved list

The following are newly approved headings which I proposed [or canceled LCSH in favor of NARs]

  • Anti-vaccination movement
  • Charity–Religious aspects–Buddhism [Christianity, etc.]
  • Death of God in literature
  • Farhud, Baghdad, Iraq, 1941
  • Intersectionality (Sociology)
  • HM488.5 [class number for Intersectionality]
  • Card games [LCGFT term]
  • Green Arrow (Fictitious character) [Canceled in favor of NAR]
  • Lane, Lois (Fictitious character) [Canceled in favor of NAR]
  • Luthor, Lex (Fictitious character) [Canceled in favor of NAR]
  • Strange, Adam (Fictitious character) [Canceled in favor of NAR]

Onto the headings!

Avarice in motion pictures

still from "Fight Club" depicting the 'Greed' crime scene
No, “Greed in motion pictures” isn’t a UF


Cello and electric guitar music

Still of 'Heiven' a Finnish metal band that has a cellist
For some reason only the string players hold their instruments, but I assure you there’s a guitar too


Cooking (Poppies)

Still from 'Wizard of Oz' when they're in the poppy field
Arguably, the Wicked Witch was cooking up a plan with those poppies? Kinda?


Couples on television

still from Once Upon a Time that shows Regina and Emma almost kissing



Sydney Opera House on crest of giant wave
they always come for our landmarks first


Flipped classrooms

upside down classroom
Even I think this is silly


Governors–Farewell addresses

Still from Rick Perry's farewell address
Not every farewell address rises to “One Last Time” level


Hockey on television

Still from Simpsons on Ice episode of Simpsons
All I know of hockey I learned from this episode and Mighty Ducks



House in a bathtub fulla vicodin
I don’t have a pain management problem, I have a pain problem


Lamas in art

painting of a llama blowing a bubble
I wanna see that spiritual leader blow a bubble as dope as this


Man-faced bulls

Man wearing a bull mask
Close enough


Polar bear–Counting

Picture of three polars bears


RagaMuffin cat

Two ragamuffin cats
The official policy of this blog is rescue cats, never buy from breeders


Siberian cat

Siberian cat
Doesn’t mean I’m NOT gonna post pictures of all cats tho


Sorcerer’s apprentice (Tale)

Cosplayer of Sorcerer's Apprentice
Admit it, you can hear the music right now


Space ships in motion pictures

Star Trek Discovery
What’s the deal with this? We need a new streaming whatever? Excited to see Yeoh in the chair


Tea bowls

Tea bowl with ceramic teeth on it
I would not like to drink from this


Virtual reality headsets

80s woman wearing VR headset
I look forward to trying VR one day and being half this cool


Women superheroes in motion pictures

Wonder Woman 'No Man's Land' scene
I cried


Women superheroes on television

Still of Vixen from Arrow
Please do not fight over animated vs live action Vixen, we have BOTH



Hanukkah music

Sheet music for a Hanukkah song
What, you don’t have string quartets at your Hanukkah parties?


Paranormal drama

Promo still for Supernatural
It has a UF of Supernatural drama, so it counts


Rock operas

Savatage's Wake of Magellan
Savatage actually has a lotta great rock operas


Visual albums

Beyonce's Lemonade


As always — check out the full approved list

The following are newly approved headings which I proposed [or canceled LCSH in favor of NARs]

  • Sex workers
  • Lap dancers [added BT to Sex workers]
  • Strip teasers [added BT to Sex workers]
  • Prostitutes [added BT to Sex workers]
  • Sex surrogates [added BT to Sex workers] 
  • Board games [LCGFT term]
  • Kings and rulers [added RT to Queens]
  • Cthulhu (Fictitious character)
  • Jennings (Fictitious character)

Here’s the post I wrote a post about Sex workers before I proposed the term.

Onto the headings!

Baseball in dance

Dancers dressed as baseball players
I hope he takes the glove off before trying a lift


Baseball in motion pictures

Still from "League of their own"
Name a better baseball movie than LoTO. I’ll wait


Camelidae in art

Joe Camel smoking a cigarette
Smoking is COOL, kids!


Debt in popular culture

                         This thread is very good.

Extraterrestrial beings on television

Rigel from Farscape
I’m never *not* gonna rep Farscape


Framing (Cinematography)

Still from Mad Men
For more amazing cinematog with Moss, see Handmaid’s Tale


Holocaust deniers

a dumpster on fire

Human-alien encounters on television

Gillian Anderson as Scully meeting some fans dressed as aliens
Pretty sure I don’t remember this episode


Iron in human nutrition

Magneto pulling iron from guy's blood in X2
Remember, too much iron is bad for you


Mothers of rock musicians

Image of Geddy Lee and his mother
Geddy’s mom is actually in the book that justified the creation of this heading


United States–Foreign relations–2017-

Dumpster fire

United States–Politics and government–2017-

Dumpster fire

Video game designers

Picture of Tracy Fullerton
Tracy Fullerton is working on a game about Walden that sounds p cool


LCGFT terms


Animal fiction

Comic book cover with Animal from The Muppets
Nailed it


Campus fiction

Cover of "Campus Tramp"
Lawrence Block is really tossing us catalogers a bone


Mumblecore films

Still from "The Overnight"
Don’t let Adam Scott’s terrible facial hair trick you: The Overnight is v funny



Novelization of The Nightmare Before Christmas
A novelization doesn’t seem like it’ll quite capture what makes this movie good


Opera adaptations

Still from The Fly, the opera
I hope there’s an aria: “Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid”


Rock lyrics

Neil Peart lyric sheet for "Closer to the Heart"
If you already think Neil Peart’s lyrics are pretentious [unsubscribe plz] wait’ll you see the way he wrote ’em


As always — check out the full approved list

All the _____, Mogul headings have been changed to ______, Mogul Empire

The following are my headings [or canceled headings in favor of name authority records]

  • Atom (Fictitious character)
  • Bachelors in rabbinical literature [BM496.9.B34]
  • Vigilante (Fictitious character : DC Comics, Inc.)

Another heading I proposed, Nakba, Palestine, 1948 — was not approved. I wrote up my thoughts about that non-approval.

Onto the headings!

Big Blowup, 1910

Memorial to the firefighters who died

Cooking in mass media

She always said she was salty on twitter.

Christian Science Plaza (Boston, Mass.)

I wouldn’t trust them to recommend a doctor, but that’s a dope plaza.

Civil rights of corporations



What about Victorian helmet safety?

Guerillas in motion pictures

See, because this movie has both.

Guy Fawkes masks

I bet Guy Fawkes would be real confused if he came back today

Hides and skins — Symbolic aspects

Most iterations do not have the cutlass tho

Lunch counters

Not pictured: racism

Marijuana in literature

Nailed it

Patient rooms

celebration-patient room.jpg
okay, well all the rooms i’ve stayed in were not this nice

Water buffalo meat

Good luck.

Women video gamers

I saw her speak once, pretty good stuff!


As always — check out the full approved list

Amulets in literature

I haven’t read it, but I’m betting the tentacle monster gets the amulet

Brigands and robbers in art


Energy web

Sounds like something Picard would get stuck in

Google Cardboard (Three-dimensional display system)

and I get to build it myself? Twice the fun!

Instruction librarians

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 7.35.42 PM.png
Nailed it.

Messianism in art

Listening to you, I get the music

Museums in social media

I bet their instagrams are terrific

Noir poetry

Walter Neff has got a plan                                                               Caught by Keyes’s little man

Polar bear populations

Humans are terrible


As always — check out the full approved list



picture of aesthete
Oh this hat is so edifying!

Children’s literature on postage stamps

set of 4 forever stamps of Ezra Keats Snow Day
Forever until the USPS is dismantled and replaced with something horrible

Crab cakes

a birthday cake in the shape of a crab
Happy birthday Megan! I hope you weren’t wanting the other kind of crab cake…

Equality in mass media

scene from The Incredibles "when everyone's super, no one will be"
not too many children’s movies espouse such a Randian “some people are just better than others” message, so that’s fun


sheet music from Erotamania, by Dream Theater
all my Dream Theater friends will get it

Free rider problem (Economics)

still from The Simpsons, Mr. Burns riding on the back of Smither's bike and not pedaling
The rich are the problem


still from "Whiplash'
Sure he’s good, but AT WHAT COST

Las Vegas Strip (Nev.)

still from "Honey I Blew Up the Kids"
I went to Vegas this summer, very disappointed at the lack of Giant Toddler

Metal sculpture, Canadian

Sculpture of star-man, the Rush mascot
I can’t confirm this is actually metal…

Mills and mill-work [edit 2017-02-09, this is not a NEW LCSH, rather, it’s an updated LCSH, thanks to sanspach for bringing to my attention]

Still from Arkham City
Remember that batarang challenge in the steel mill? Ughhhhhhh

Politics on television

Still from Supergirl
I’m pretty sure President Lynda Carter is an alien on Supergirl. But they really haven’t followed up on that.


Surprise parties

still from "District 9"
The real surprise comes when you turn into an alien prawn

Tall buildings–Shading

tweet decrying a new building "Morphosis"
wow people hate the Morphosis

Vampires in popular culture

Collage of pop culture vampires
I will not be wading into the “I Am Legend: vampires or zombies” debate

Women bass guitarists

still of lead singer/bassist of Triosphere
*head bangs*

Women guitarists

still of The Great Kat
*continues headbanging*


As always — check out the full approved list

A couple notes before we begin:

Male privilege was rejected by the editorial meeting [notes of the editorial meeting] with the following summary:

A proposal for White privilege appeared on Tentative List 10 (2016) and was not approved because LCSH does not include specific headings for groups discriminated for or against, and because other headings have been assigned to works on the concept. The proposal for Male privilege is analogous. Numerous other headings cover the concept of male privilege, including Sexism, Androcentrism, and Male domination (Social structure). The proposal for Male privilege was not approved.

So as the person who proposed Male privilege, I feel responsible for it — here’s my problem with their response.

LCSH absolutely does include “specific headings for groups discriminated for or against”

Some examples:

Discrimination against caregivers.
Discrimination against intersex people
Discrimination against overweight persons
Discrimination against the homeless
Discrimination against the mentally ill
Discrimination against people with disabilities

this is just a small set, there are lots. 

So that reason doesn’t hold water for me.


The other half, that there are already sufficient headings to cover the subject doesn’t wash either.

I don’t want to analyze each term they offer, but none quite capture the concept of male privilege. Some may be decent RTs, but not the same concept. At the very least LCSH needs to acknowledge that it’s an increasingly used term, and consider adding it as a UF. We do not serve our users by denying them an entrance into the catalog.


Birds of Prey (Fictitious characters)

picture from DC Comics' Birds of Prey
Note: Your alias doesn’t have to be a bird

Child ninja

I'd say that's worthy of FULL bars
I’d say that’s worthy of FULL bars

Closet drama, French

R. Kelly's Trapped in the closet
Oui, I am a sexual predator.


I came here to catalog and chew bubblegum
I came here to catalog and chew bubblegum

Database management in libraries


Diamond marimba

diamond jewelry in shape of a xylophone
I know it’s a xylophone, but STILL

Introduced corals

Hi coral!
Hi coral!


I've never played Yu-Gi-Oh!, I have no idea what's going on here
I’ve never played Yu-Gi-Oh!, I have no idea what’s going on here


And people say *Library Science* isn't a real degree!
And people say *Library Science* isn’t a real degree!

Second-born children in literature

Why it's Jaehaerys II of course! Don't tell me you don't know your Targaryen line?
Why it’s Jaehaerys II of course! Don’t tell me you don’t know your Targaryen line?

Ships in motion pictures

Sure it's a lesser Hemsworth, but i'm a sucker for time travel movies
Sure it’s a lesser Hemsworth, but i’m a sucker for time travel movies

Women ski jumpers

wow! jump skis are super long...or maybe that's regular? I've never skied
wow! jump skis are super long…or maybe that’s regular? I’ve never skied



As always — check out the full approved list

Arabian oryx in literature

Fun fact: an anagram for Arabian Oryx is ROAR, ya ax nib!
Fun fact: an anagram for Arabian Oryx 
ROAR, ya ax nib!

Commerce in motion pictures

get it?

Culture jamming

Now what, corporations?
Now what, corporations?

Evil, Non-resistance to, in literature

This is a bad plan, resist evil. Resist.
This is a bad plan, resist evil. Resist.

Flowers–Molecular genetics

I just assume that that's Poison Ivy is workin' on here.
I just assume that that’s Poison Ivy is workin’ on here.

Hypnotism in art

She-Creature isn't even the only episode where an evil hypnotist uses regression to create a monster.
She-Creature isn’t even the only episode where an evil hypnotist uses regression to create a monster.

Mermaids in music

Haken! Check this album out. It'll change yer metal-loving life.
Haken! Check this album out. It’ll change yer metal-loving life.

Obedience in art

Yeah but in like two seconds you're going to get beaten, Zod.
Yeah but in like two seconds you’re going to get beaten, Zod.

Outcasts in literature

Sissy Spacek reads the audiobook, highly recommend!
Sissy Spacek reads the audiobook, highly recommend!

Pokémon Go (Game)

Sure are a lotta fake news stories about Pokemon Go.
Sure are a lotta fake news stories about Pokemon Go.




Chemical is not a dirty word, don’t contribute to fearmongering

Space and time on radio

If you’ve listened to this on the radio, it counts

United States. Constitution–Emoluments clause

I bet it’s not always in the news

Universities and colleges in motion pictures


Wesleyan was a lot like this: Earnest students and insufferable d-bags in the same place



Dance dramas

These aren’t the leads, but they have the best hair

Hanukkah plays

Batman, a traditional part of the Hanukkah story

Library catalogs

ah, the well known “other criteria”


As always — check out the full approved list

New LCSH is not going to fix this

A couple notes from the editorial meeting before we begin:

The following subdivisions will be added to lists of free-floating subdivisions:

  1. H 1147, Animals
    $x Phenology (May Subd Geog)
  2. H 1156, Literatures
    $x Garifuna authors
  3. H 1195, Land Vehicles
    $x Motors $x Exhaust manifolds


Also, I’m sure you know that ‘White privilege’ was rejected again by the PSD. April Hathcock has written about this, and you should go read what she wrote. I want to add that this is the second time that they’ve rejected the term, and this time it strongly seems like they’re not amenable to reevaluating it.


LCSH does not include specific headings for groups discriminated against. Numerous works about white privilege have been assigned the headings Race discrimination and Whites—Race identity, and the meeting wishes to continue that practice. ”

Leaving aside the fundamental misunderstanding of what white privilege is that this statement belies, it sounds like barring a major shift in their practices, they won’t revisit this decision.

African American biologists

Picture of A. Oveta Fuller
A. Oveta Fuller! Discovering B5 receptors all over the place

Airplanes on television

still from tv show "Lost"
Aircraft accidents — $z The Island

Alien artifacts

Still from 2001: A Space Odyssey
Don’t touch it! It’ll make you evolve! Or Something!

Askenazic cooking

Matzo Brei a Jewish recipe of dampened matzo crackers fried with eggs.
Best part of Pesach is that tasty tasty matsah brei

Bicycle racing–Religious aspects

Cross made of bicycles
Jesus would never dope.

Capsule toys

Standing capsule toy vending machine
Terrible use of a quarter

Emotion recognition

Emotion recognition software image
I dunno Microsoft, he looks more *stoked* to me…

Island life

Magic the Gathering card, Island Fish Jasconius
I used to have two of these! I liked the rhythm of its name

Jewish novelists

Picture of Rebecca Walker
Rebecca Walker wrote her first novel in 2013, check it out

Parricide in motion pictures

Cover of "Perfect Sisters" movie
Bonus points if you can find the post where I already used this picture!

Queen snake

Picture of snake in a crown

Rash family

T-shirt that says 'RASH'
If I ever let a Rush reference go by, you’ll let me know, right?


An RDA toolkit, a vaping thing
The other RDA toolkit

Winds in motion pictures

Still from 'Gone with the Wind'
Frankly my dear, this isn’t the scene where I say that line

Yarn bombing

a tank that has been yarn-bombed
This is the only kind of pink military equipment I want to see


As always — check out the full approved list

New LCSH These Days Amirite?

A couple notes before we begin:


Proposals for new and revised genre/form terms in the disciplines of literature and religion and proposals for “general” terms are now being accepted.


Subdivisions to be added to lists of free-floating subdivisions:

H 1180, Plants and crops
$x Nomenclature (Popular)—French, [Italian, etc.]

Black lives matter movement

Black lives matter
Black lives matter

Comic books, strips, etc.–Congresses

Picture from a comic-con of a bunch of cosplayers.
I knew this would be the heading, but…no one calls a Comiccon anything remotely approaching this 

Disabilities in literature

Book cover of "Me Before You"
Content note: most disabled folks don’t appreciate this books ‘representation’

Russian American women

Regina Spektor
And youuuuuuu’ve got, tiiiiiiiiiiiiime


Smallest House in Great Britain (Conwy, Wales)

Picture of the smallest house in Great Britain
Okay, that house is pretty small.


Socialist literature

Iron Heel, by Jack London
This ain’t White Fang

Stop and frisk (Law enforcement)

End stop and frisk protest
End it.

Surveillance in motion pictures

still from Dark Knight
Don’t do it Lucius! Catching Joker isn’t worth violating all of Gotham’s civil rights!

Video music games

Braid, the video game.
Maybe it’s a metaphor for the atom bomb, maybe for Nice Guys(tm) YOU DECIDE

Wolverine hunting

Picture of Wolverine the Marvel comic character
You hunt for the king, you best not miss


Women tourists

Anna in front of a giant M&M
Viva Las Vegas

Wrestlers with disabilities

Wrestler Chris Melendez
Can you smell what Chris Melendez is cooking?