LCGFT Hierarchies

This post is the opinion of Netanel Ganin and is in no way to be construed as an official communication from any section of any institution.

At ALA Midwinter 2018, in Denver, I attended the Subcommittee on Faceted Vocabularies meeting [as an audience member, I’m not on the committee] which is part of the Subject Analysis Committee.

There, another audience member [guest? attendee?] asked if there was a way to view LCGFT not as a purely alphabetical list of terms but as narrower terms of their hierarchies.

At that time, there was not–but now there is:

I downloaded every single term, one by one, from the LC linked data site [unfortunately I couldn’t find a way to bulk download LCGFT as MARCXML records], then I added an 072 field [often several] to every single record indicating which hierarchy it belonged to. Add a little XSLT to transform it into a visual display and we’re off to the races! I also added a bit of interesting statistical data, because who doesn’t love that.

Anyway, maybe you’ll find it useful, maybe you won’t but there’s at least one person who wanted it — so there we go!

If you just want the data, here is a link to the raw xml, and here is a link to the XSLT used to transform it.

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