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Bee culture–Religious aspects

none of the bar mitzvah kippot i ever got were this cool

Butcher shops

my local butchery growing up!

Butchers (Persons)

So this movie is about an aviator/butcher?

Cooking (Chia)

Back when i was vegan, I used to make what I called Breakfast Pudding every day [2 tblsp chia seeds, 1 cup almond milk, one banana, 1/3 cup oatmeal– mix well and refrigerate. Next morning add a bunch of peanut butter and any other toppings you want]

Food in mass media

Imagination food!

Glam metal (Music)

Get yer ears to Winter Rose for some raw unpolished James LaBrie!

Massachusetts Avenue (Mass.)

At 150 Mass Ave, the Berklee Library is where I first realized I wanted to be a cataloger

Mixed media sculpture

this is amaaaaaazing link here:

National socialism in opera

How could you have *possibly* thought that a Nazi themed Tannhäuser was a good idea. How.

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