cover of Magic School bus inside the human body

This post is the opinion of Netanel Ganin and is in no way to be construed as an official communication from any section of any institution. 

As always — check out the full approved list.

Onto the headings!

Body size in art

picture of Slender Man
he’s so slender!


Clitoris in literature

Sex instruction book called
Samantha Spade is on the case.


Computer fiction

I think I’d try to aim for the HAL spot on its face.


Dictators as authors

cover art for 'Crippled America' allegedly by Donald J. Trump
I know, I know it’s not totally accurate for this heading. There’s no way he wrote it.


Ethnic food

several kinds of hummus


Ghosts in popular culture

Library-ghost from Ghostbusters
The fate of all librarians is to haunt their last library of employment


Hand-to-hand fighting in motion pictures

Neo fighting Agent Smith in the Matrix 3
Some of these fights have not aged well


Kibosh (The English word)

a brand of pipe repair clamp called Kibosh
Kibosh (The English pipe clamp)


Singularities (Artificial intelligence)

parody of creation of Adam but with a robot hand
If our future robot overlords don’t like Michelangelo…they’re going to be very disappointed by the number of riffs on this


Stomach in literature

cover of Magic School bus inside the human body
We didn’t go inside the human body at my old school!


Three-dimensional pens

regular-ass bic pen



russian twitter trolls
“Hillary killed Seth Rich”



water skier April Coble-Eller
I have never successfully water-skied. I *have* successfully been dragged by a boat tho

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