Tracking My LCSH Proposals

Edit 2017-01-24

I learned while at ALA Midwinter that I’d been fundamentally missing a crucial and important step in the creation of subject headings. I wasn’t alerting anybody! I was creating the headings in the ClassWeb system and had somehow thought that people at LC were automatically alerted to their existence. That is not the case.

I should’ve been sending an email to SACO each time I created a heading needing evaluation.

In conclusion — I chastise myself for having been critical in my presentation at the Faceted Subject Interest Group at ALA Annual ’16. Though the process is complicated, I wasn’t in a position to criticize it when I didn’t full understand it.

Original post: Partly for my own edification, and partly for just seeing a bit more about how sausage is made, I’ll be keeping track here of when I propose an LCSH, versus when it’s evaluated by the PSD. (Also including ones I worked on if I didn’t propose them directly)

An asterisk means I sent them to Paul Frank, which I note because his power to push them into the queue quickly is significant.


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