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New LCSH These Days Amirite?

A couple notes before we begin:


Proposals for new and revised genre/form terms in the disciplines of literature and religion and proposals for “general” terms are now being accepted.


Subdivisions to be added to lists of free-floating subdivisions:

H 1180, Plants and crops
$x Nomenclature (Popular)—French, [Italian, etc.]

Black lives matter movement

Black lives matter
Black lives matter

Comic books, strips, etc.–Congresses

Picture from a comic-con of a bunch of cosplayers.
I knew this would be the heading, but…no one calls a Comiccon anything remotely approaching this 

Disabilities in literature

Book cover of "Me Before You"
Content note: most disabled folks don’t appreciate this books ‘representation’

Russian American women

Regina Spektor
And youuuuuuu’ve got, tiiiiiiiiiiiiime


Smallest House in Great Britain (Conwy, Wales)

Picture of the smallest house in Great Britain
Okay, that house is pretty small.


Socialist literature

Iron Heel, by Jack London
This ain’t White Fang

Stop and frisk (Law enforcement)

End stop and frisk protest
End it.

Surveillance in motion pictures

still from Dark Knight
Don’t do it Lucius! Catching Joker isn’t worth violating all of Gotham’s civil rights!

Video music games

Braid, the video game.
Maybe it’s a metaphor for the atom bomb, maybe for Nice Guys(tm) YOU DECIDE

Wolverine hunting

Picture of Wolverine the Marvel comic character
You hunt for the king, you best not miss


Women tourists

Anna in front of a giant M&M
Viva Las Vegas

Wrestlers with disabilities

Wrestler Chris Melendez
Can you smell what Chris Melendez is cooking?



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