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I New LCSH, You New LCSH, we all New LCSH for New LCSH


A couple notes before we begin:

This is the first new LCSH with contributions from yours truly! Three of my proposed headings were added to this list:

  • Cisgender people
  • African American sexual minorities
  • Berit (The Hebrew word)

I wrote about proposing Cisgender people way back in August of 2015, I proposed African American sexual minorities in February of 2016 and Berit in March of 2016. I mention this because I wish the SACO process was less opaque and closed-door. Berit was proposed through my work as a member of the Judaica SACO funnel so I get to use the official Class-Web proposal system. This isn’t to say that all proposals entered through that system are bumped to the head of the queue and reviewed in the order they were received. Far from it! I proposed ‘Peace in rabbinical literature’ through that same system in February and it still hasn’t been placed on a tentative list for review.

The other two, because neither is specifically Judaic in nature, I had to propose through the non-SACO system. That is, I used the entry form that anyone can use to propose a subject heading. I received no feedback for either until March when I drew the eye of the very helpful Paul Frank of LC. He was kind enough to push my proposals right onto the May tentative list and then they were approved. But it’s frustrating that so much pestering (I emailed many different contact emails at LC to little avail) is needed!

I understand that the Policy and Standards Division of LC is understaffed and underfunded (write to your congressperson! Fund the Library of Congress!) I do not begrudge them the speed of the work. Yet to submit headings and then have no sense that they’ve been seen or received is disheartening.

Acoustic Warfare

I can't be sure, but i think that vuvuzela has been added by a third party
I can’t be sure, but I think that vuvuzela has been added by a third party


Bicycles in motion pictures

Cartoon image of a thief stealing a bicycle
Get it?

Bloody Marys (Cocktails)

Watch out Dean, that cocktail is evil!


Someone in the fansubbing community, is this funny?

Icelandic sheepdog

Picture of Icelandic Sheepdog
voff! voff!

Lunar calendars

Some conspiracy nonsense about blood moons and 5776
Spoiler from the future…your prophecies didn’t come true last year

North (The concept)

Canada Geese flying north
They do move in herds…

North (The concept) in motion pictures

Poster for motion picture: North
Don’t tell Roger Ebert I used this

Paranormal fiction, Scottish

Cover art for "Scottish Werebear by Lorelai Moone"
Not fun fact: There are no bears in Scotland anymore

Peer-to-peer travel

Pictures of Air B 'n' B horror stories
Still cheaper than staying in a hotel

Sex in video games

Still from 'Leisure Suit Larry'
There’s been sex in video games since forever

Socialism and individualism

Picture of Ayn Rand
At least she had good taste in hats

Steampunk fiction, Canadian

Cover of 'Clockwork Angels' comic book
You know if there’s a chance for a Rush reference, imma put one in

Superheroes–Religious aspects

Image from 'Superman Returns'
Superman is a JEWISH allegory, c’mon!

Water–Mercury content

Sailor Mercury
Dang! The Mercury content of this water is VERY high!


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