As always — check out the full approved list

New LCSH is Children’s Literature tested, Adult Leisure approved


A couple notes before we begin:

  • Per the Policy and Standards division editorial meeting: Illegal aliens and its related headings are being changed — my take on that can be found here:
  • Secondly — Asexuality and Asexual people did not make it in this round, but never fear, a crack-team of catalogers worked to resubmit them and we hope they’ll be accepted next time they’re discussed.
  • Third — Superman has been removed from LCSH and moved to the Name Authority File where he belongs. Why do I highlight this?



Bioethics on television

Still from tv show "Farscape"
More people should be watching Farscape


Blacks in the theater

Still from the musical, "Hamilton"
Hamilton, Alexander, $d 1757-1804. $v Amazing drama

Garden gnomes

Garden gnomes with non-welcoming messages
Aw, these ones are jerks!

Indian rap musicians

Mummies in art

Picture of Eddie, the Iron Maiden mascot

Musicians on television

Still from Freaks and Geeks
For the record, Nick is playing The Spirit of Radio by RUSH
And Lindsay should really add more dry ice


Radicalism in motion pictures

Yes, that's Nicole Kidman as one of the BMX bandits! It's just as bad as you imagine.
Yes, that’s Nicole Kidman as one of the BMX bandits! It’s just as bad as you imagine.

Red Power movement

Red power salute on the Alcatraz docks
Maybe we can talk about that whole ‘Indian’ thing too LCSH?

Smog in literature

Cover of "Smog the City Dog"
Well that’s a really specific heading

Time banking

Still from "In Time"
Oh no! I’m running out of time on my time arm! I have to get¬†more at the time bank or I’ll run out of time.


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