Emflix – Part 20 – Hybrid Consistency

Note: this is originally an excerpt from Part 12 – Action and Adventure, but I figured it ought to be cross posted into the ‘Rules’ section of my index.

I noticed that Netflix had many “hybrid subgenres” e.g. Action Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Indie Romance, Sci-Fi Thrillers, etc. The odd thing to me is that only some of these hybrid subgenres would appear under both of their ‘parent’ genres.

That is, in Netflix’s listings ‘Action Thrillers’ is listed under both ‘Action & Adventure’ and ‘Thrillers’, whereas ‘Action Comedies’ is listed only under ‘Action & Adventure’ and not under Comedies. Weird, right?

That kind of inconsistency is this cataloger’s bane. So my first rule was, if a subgenre is ‘hybrid’ (as judged by its name being made up of two different genres) it belongs under both genres.

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