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New LCSH is strong enough for a reference librarian, but Ph balanced for a cataloger

A couple notes before we begin:

  • All the Kara-Kalpak headings have changed to Karakalpak headings
  • Two new free-floaters added to H 1147, Animals
    • $x Diseases
    • $x Climatic factors

Arab American men

Still from
If you haven’t seen The Imposters — you really should!

Boxing rings

Muhammad Ali championship ring
Prolly not the usage they’re intending…

College buildings–Singapore

La Salle College in Singapore
Yeah, I’d definitely need a heading for that building

Cherokee educators

Susie Thompson reads a traditional Cherokee story, the “Origin of the Strawberry,” to students as they learn how to say “peach” in Cherokee.
Susie Thompson reads a traditional Cherokee story, the “Origin of the Strawberry,” to students as they learn how to say “peach” in Cherokee.

Drunkard’s path quilts

Picture of a 'drunkard's path quilt'
Why not just call it ‘waves path’?

Emotional maturity in motion pictures

Still from 'Mary Shelley's Frankenstein'
Don’t we all science while topless and oily? I will not apologize for loving this movie.

Emperors’ writings

Still from 'Emperor's New Groove'
Technically works!

Honey–Flavor and odor

Picture of honey
Flavor: Good; Odor: Also good

Jews–Art patronage

A cartoon image of me.
I commissioned this, it counts.

Lunchboxes in art

Now there’s warrant for ‘Thermoses in art’ too

Male beauty contests

Only one of these men will be in Terminator — but they’re ALL winners in my book


Mountain tourism

Soooooo glad you decided to climb the mountain! Good for you.

Munchkin (Game)

Gazebo card from the Munchkin card game
My D&Dest friend assures me that this is funny

Organ theft

For the record, the BTs of this term are both Legends and Theft — so LC is acknowledging IT CAN HAPPEN

Sandwich generation in art

Depiction of the 'sandwich generation'
Every single picture of this concept includes a silly ‘sandwich’ joke

Scholars, Black

Picture of Melissa Harris-Perry
I’m going to miss her show — onto bigger and better things I hope, MHP

Solo albums (Sound recordings)

John Petrucci’s solo album is pretty good, this song is amazing though


No idea why this picture exists, but say hello to Tammuz, a Hebrew month

Tattoo removal

Maybe it’s just my ignorance, but I would think you’d wear gloves while doing this


Still from 'Parks and Recreation'
Telethons $z Indiana $z Pawnee

Women, Black, in popular culture

Still of the black women in the cast of Orange is the New Black
Was there ever a more amazing cast than OITNB? (no)


 Genre/Form Terms

Comics adaptations

Cover image of a Sparknotes graphic novel adaptation of Hamlet
Three things everyone loves: Shakespeare, Graphic novels and Sparknotes!

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