Emflix – Part 18 – Subgenres – Documentary

Link to Part 17 – Subgenres – Comedy

Here’s “Documentary”

Compare again Netflix’s listing of genres to mine.


Here are my subgenres for said category with asterisks for ones I’ll be discussing below

  • African-American Documentaries
  • Biographical Documentaries
  • Crime Documentaries
  • Faith and Spirituality Documentaries
  • Foreign Documentaries
  • Historical Documentaries
  • Indie Documentaries
  • Military Documentaries
  • Mockumentaries
  • Musical Documentaries*
  • Political Documentaries
  • Science and Nature Documentaries
  • Social and Cultural Documentaries
  • Sports Documentaries


  • Musical Documentaries
    • On the Netflix listing, this is called ‘Rockumentaries’. I changed it to ‘Musical Documentaries’ because there were a bunch of films under this subGenre which aren’t documenting rock music but rather, jazz, hip-hop, etc. I figured ‘Musical Documentaries’ would cover all those bases.


Not present on my list, but present on Netflix’s

  • The three subSubGenres of Faith and Spirituality Documentaries
    • Inspirational Biographies
    • Religion and Mythology Documentaries
    • Spiritual Mysteries
  • HBO Documentaries
  • Miscellaneous Documentaries
  • PBS Documentaries
  • Travel and Adventure Documentaries


  • Inspirational Biographies, Religion and Mythology Documentaries, Spiritual Mysteries, Travel and Adventure Documentaries
  • HBO Documentaries, PBS Documentaries
    • As per Disney/Nickelodeon in ‘Children and Family‘ I didn’t consider the television network to be a genre, that’s descriptive metadata, not genre/form
  • Miscellaneous Documentaries
    • I just didn’t like this category. It’s useless, it says, “well it’s a documentary, but doesn’t fit into any other category”. Frankly, any time I encountered it in the Netflix database, I found the film was a decent enough fit with one of the existing categories as to render this catch-all moot.


Link to Part 19 – Subgenres – Drama

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