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New LCSH is part of these complete Breakfasts (May Subd Geog)


A couple notes before we begin:

The following subdivisions will be added to lists of free-floating subdivisions:

  1. H 1100, Classes of Persons
    $x Civil rights $x Religious aspects
  2. H 1103, Ethnic groups
    $x Civil rights $x Religious aspects
  3. H 1156, Literatures
    $x Bakhtiari authors
    $x Korean influences

Antarctic fur seal

Baby Antarctic Fur Seal

Artists in popular culture

Still from Under the Dome
Those of you who never watched Under the Dome…good decision making!

Bullet wipe

Still from Star Wars
A wipe transition, but bullet-shaped. I assume.


Still from Scarface.
See it’s a pun on derivatives. Like in the money-sense.

Folklore in popular culture

Ouroboros from Millennium
Folklore in popular culture, popular culture in folklore, and so the great self-chomp begins

Hairwork embroidery

Example of hairwork embroidery
It’s not gross…it’s not gross…it’s not gross


Internet personalities

A cartoon image of me.
Most of you haven’t met me. This counts.

Irony on television

Still from Breaking Bad
Spoiler alert.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Crash, Ukraine, 2014

Tweet of a conspiracy theory about downed flight MH17
Illuminati may *always* be involved. Never rule them out. Fnord.

Rare mollusks

A giant squid!
No joke here, I’m just a cephalopod fan!

Sourness (Taste)

A child making a sour-face
A lesson she’ll never forget: Parents will do anything for the vinestagram.

Thumb–Religious aspects


Thumbprints with religious icons on them
Nailed it.

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