Emflix – Part 17 – Subgenres – Comedy

Link to Part 16 – Subgenres – Classics

Here’s “Comedy”

Compare again Netflix’s listing of genres to mine.


Here are my subgenres for said category with asterisks for ones I’ll be discussing below

  • Action Comedies*
  • African-American Comedies
  • Asian-American Comedies
  • Classic Comedies*
  • Cult Comedies
  • Dark Humor and Black Comedies
  • Family Comedies*
  • Foreign Comedies
  • Indie Comedies*
  • LGBTQ Comedies*
  • Late Night Comedies
  • Mockumentaries
  • Political Comedies
  • Romantic Comedies
  • Screwball
  • Showbiz Comedies
  • Slapstick
  • Spoofs and Satire
  • Sports Comedies
  • Teen Comedies*



Not present on my list, but present on Netflix’s

  • Best of British Humor
  • Latino Comedies
  • Saturday Night Live
  • Stand-Up


  • Best of British Humor
    • This is one of the oddest Netflix categories. It’s a mix of tv/movies and I guess curated? I don’t have the skills to perform an exhaustive analysis if it’s actually everything Netflix has that is both ‘British’ and ‘Comedy’ — but even if it were, it seemed odd to me to single out a single country of production when they also have ‘Foreign Comedies’.
  • Latino Comedies
  • Saturday Night Live
    • If you’ve noticed a theme…Netflix isn’t great at separating out TV and Movies. In their defense, this category isn’t entirely collections of the tv series, it’s also any movie based on or or somehow otherwise produced by the SNL machine. For those reasons, I kept it, but then Rule of 5 eliminated it anyway.
  • Stand-Up
    • Rule of 5 eliminated it.


Bonus weirdness — why do Mockumentaries and Showbiz Comedies not file correctly (alphabetically) on Netflix?

Link to Part 18 – Subgenres – Documentary

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