Emflix – Part 14 – Subgenres – Anime and Animation

Link to Part 13 – Rule of 5

Continuing with the subgenres now, I’ll move to “Anime and Animation”

Compare again Netflix’s listing of genres to mine.


Here are my subgenres for said category with asterisks for ones to be discussed (i.e. the ones which are absent or different from Netflix’s)
Animation for Grown-ups
Family Animation*


  • Anime
    • Due to the Rule  of 5, all of the Anime ____ subgenres were consolidated into one. There just wasn’t enough Anime in the Emerson collection to justify subdividing them.
    • Also note that Netflix has “Anime Series”as a subgenre under ‘Anime & Animation’…but there’s a separate genre for ‘TV Shows’ in which it doesn’t appear! What’s going on there? (there are other seemingly TV genres which only appear under a film genre and not the TV one. Netflix, you a mess.
  • Family Animation
    • Added for hybrid consistency

I went back and forth several times on trying to decide on distinguishing between “family friendly” animation and…less family friendly. I ended up keeping that distinction, because every animation thing I read seemed to differentiate them, though they disagreed on terminology.


Link to Part 15 – Subgenres – Children and Family


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