Emflix – Part 13 – Rule of 5

Link to Part 12 – SubGenres – Action and Adventure

Sure, you know the Rule of 3. Some of the coolest of you even know the Rule of 4.

But who knows the Rule of 5? No one, because I made it up. My rule is one higher than the most rule LC has. So does that makes me one higher? I don’t know, I’m just a simple cataloger doing his best. You decide.

As I’ve said a million times, (and will say it more…) Emflix was a lot smaller than Netflix. That is, whereas the Emerson Library had some 3000+ DVDs, Netflix has some 93,000+ (according to them). One of the things that means is that while it can populate its numerous genres and categories, Emflix struggled to catch up. I started noticing subsubgenres which had a single item and I thought it would be disappointing to users to click through  to a subsubgenre  only to discover that their options were nearly non-existent.

So I instigated the Rule of 5. Unless a subsubgenre had 5 or more films in that category, it wouldn’t be used. This first meant running a quick little count on number of films per subsubgenre.

I commented out all the subsubgenres which had fewer than 5 films so they wouldn’t be taken into account during the transformation into the interface.

Trying to think ahead for once, I realized that as movies were added to the Emerson collection, some of these commented out subsubgenres may make it up to the required 5.

Thus, I continued to record the subsubgenres which i’d commented out when I encountered them in new films while also implementing a count on the commented out subsubgenres. When they hit 5, ta-da! Un-commented and returned to production.

(The Rule of 5 also applies to non english languages, but we’ll get to those later…)



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