Emflix – Part 12 – Subgenres – Action and Adventure

Link to Part 11

As discussed last time, there were 19 primary genres. Each of those had many possible values for subgenres.

Compare again Netflix’s listing of genres to mine.

Before discussing specific changes I made, a comment:

I noticed that Netflix had many “hybrid subgenres” e.g. Action Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Indie Romance, Sci-Fi Thrillers, etc. The odd thing to me is that only some of these hybrid subgenres would appear under both of their ‘parent’ genres.

That is, in Netflix’s listings ‘Action Thrillers’ is listed under both ‘Action & Adventure’ and ‘Thrillers’, whereas ‘Action Comedies’ is listed only under ‘Action & Adventure’ and not under Comedies. Weird, right?

That kind of inconsistency is this cataloger’s bane. So my first rule was, if a subgenre is ‘hybrid’ (as judged by its name being made up of two different genres) it belongs under both genres.

got it? okay, onto Action and Adventure!

Here are my subgenres for said category with asterisks for ones to be discussed (i.e. the ones which are absent or different from Netflix’s)
Action Classics
Action Comedies
Action Sci-Fi and Fantasy*
Action Thrillers
Adventure Sci-Fi and Fantasy*
African-American Action
Comic Books and Superheroes
Crime Action
Deadly Disasters
Espionage Action
Family Adventures*
Foreign Action and Adventure
Heist Films
Indie Action*
Martial Arts
Military and War Action
Super Swashbucklers


  1. Action Sci-Fi and Fantasy
    1. Added for hybrid consistency
  2. Adventure Sci-Fi and Fantasy
    1. While this one was still added for hybrid consistency, notice that I inverted it and added ‘ and Fantasy’. Netflix has this as ‘Sci-fi Adventures’. I think I did this because I wanted the parallelism between ‘Action Sci-Fi and Fantasy’. I don’t rightly remember though. #GoodJobGanin
  3. Blockbusters
    1. I chose not to use ‘Blockbusters’ because I felt it didn’t really capture a ‘genre’ of film but was rather a comment on the film’s reception or box-office.
  4. Family Adventures
    1. Added for hybrid consistency
  5. Indie Action
    1. Added for hybrid consistency


Tune in for Part 13 where I remember to tell you about the Rule of 5!




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