Emflix – Part 10 – XML – TV Shows

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So, tv shows — for the most part I handled them similarly to the movies, but there were a few differences that I want to talk about.

  1. Creator
  2. Title attributes
  3. Year ranges

Unlike the movie elements, in which I recorded directors and writers — I recorded a creator element in tv shows. It seemed to me, that because tv shows often have so many different directors/writers/showrunners over the course of many seasons, the creator would be the most stable person-access-point to record.

It was programmatically generated just like those other person elements (see Part Six for LOTS more details about how that was done) and the trigger phrases were, ” ‘Created by ‘, ‘created by ‘, ‘creator ‘ ” (though now of course I acknowledge that I didn’t need to add variations for capitalization, rather I should’ve just converted the comparison text to a single case in the checking phase)

I used the title attribute, ‘differentiator’ consistently in tv shows. While I used it in movie elements as well if there was a need to separate two different versions of the same movie, because every season release of the same show would have the same title, I recorded “Season $X” for each season of a show. If we had the complete series (or multiple seasons in a single box set) I recorded that as well in the differentiator.

Finally, I used yearRange elements rather than a year element if the release spanned more than a single calendar year. Here’s a complete tv show element depicting many of these pieces.

  <media id="1667754" dateCreated="2014-11-06">
       <title differentiator="Season 2">Gilmore Girls</title>
       <creator sort="5">Amy Sherman-Palladino</creator>
       <actor sort="8">Lauren Graham</actor>
       <actor sort="8">Alexis Bledel</actor>
       <actor sort="9">Melissa McCarthy</actor>
       <actor sort="7">Keiko Agena</actor>
       <actor sort="7">Yanic Truesdale</actor>
       <actor sort="7">Scott Patterson</actor>
       <actor sort="6">Liza Weil</actor>
       <actor sort="7">Jared Padalecki</actor>
       <actor sort="6">Milo Ventimiglia</actor>
       <actor sort="7">Kelly Bishop</actor>
          <subGenre>TV Comedies</subGenre>
          <subGenre>TV Dramas</subGenre>
          <!--TV Family Dramas-->
          <subGenre>TV Dramas</subGenre>
          <subSubGenre>TV Dramedy</subSubGenre>
       <summary>Those acclaimed Gilmore Girls are back for a second season of warmth, charm, zingy
          repartee, and heart-stopping moments of drama. Includes 22 episodes from the second
       <LCSpecialTopics>Individual programs</LCSpecialTopics>
       <callNumber href="http://endeavor.flo.org/vwebv/holdingsInfo?bibId=1667754">[DVD] PN1992.77
          .G52 G52 2008 v.2</callNumber>
       <coverArt href="Pics/GilmoreGirls2.jpg"/>



Check back for part 11 when I begin to dig into genres! (this may take a while…)


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