Some Recent Favorites from the NAF

So as some folks may know, I have recently endeavored to join the illustrious ranks of the NACO team. As my institution isn’t quite prepared to make the full commitment, I joined via one of the funnels.

As such, I’ve been spending more time exploring the name authority file. From time to time, I run across some bizarre/funny/inexplicable (to me) qualifiers or attempts at description. Often this occurs with fictitious characters.

Just for the record, let me state plainly and explicitly, a formal Ganin Opinion:

All the “Other Designations” laid out in

Screen shot from RDA Toolkit -

should be placed into the authorized access point as a matter of course if they apply to the entity being described. Restating for intensity: If the entity being described is anything other than “real human being who is or ever was, alive in this shared reality” then that designation should be in the AAP. That’s how I think it oughta be, but it ain’t.

Anyway, onto the silliness!

  1. Vader, Darth (Fictitious character)
    1. Darth has a 372, field of activity, of “Star Wars fiction”. We’re describing these fictional entities as though they were real, and Darth’s field of activity could only be Star Wars fiction if he like, spent a lot a time reading, or writing fics based on Star Wars stuff. As far as I’ve seen, he doesn’t do that. Here are some better suggestions for his 372:
      1. Space control (Military science)
      2. Asphyxia
    2. His 374, occupation, of “Knights and knighthood” isn’t great either. It seems to me that while being a Jedi Knight was certainly a calling, and a big piece of his life, he’s probably more known as the military commander aboard the Death Star and various Star Destroyers, and as a formidable pilot in his own right. So consider the following:
      1. Armed Forces—Officers
      2. Air pilots, Military
  2. Batman (Fictitious character)
    1. Batman’s 372s are totally bonkers: “Courage” and “Good and evil”?! Not even close to sensical. These are way better:
      1. Crime prevention
      2. Forensic sciences
      3. Criminal investigation
  3. Totoro (Fictitious character)

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