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Did you know that seven out of ten dentists recommend using new LCSH?

Chalk drawing [May Subd Geog]

Chalk drawing of fish at Wesleyan University
Yeah, I went to Wesleyan. CHALKING FOREVER

College sorority members [May Subd Geog]

Movie poster for 1984's,
I assume all sorority rushing involves vascular hands holding women-candles

Cornhusk bags [May Subd Geog]

An example of a corn husk bag
If you kept your leftover corn husks in here it’d be your corn husk corn husk bag

Elena (Name)

Elena Kagan lighting a Hanukiah
The Right Honorable Justice and I both wish you a happy Hanukah!

Equilibrium in art [Not Subd Geog]

Fan art of Christian Bale from the movie,
What if 1984, but the Matrix?

God (Bahai Faith) [May Subd Geog]

Image of the Baha'i belief in the universality of all religion's god-ideas.
Seems a’ight to me.

Love nests [May Subd Geog]

Image from a resort in Thailand of a nest-shaped tree house
Okay that’s more literal than I expected…

Natural Trap Cave (Wyo.)

Picture of the Natural Trap Cave in Wyoming.

Online social networks in business [May Subd Geog]

Cover image from
Yeah these kinda books date….fast

RoboCop films

Comparison of RoboCop from 1987 and 2014
I’d buy that FIRST one for a dollar!

Social media in the theater [May Subd Geog]

Texting duet: Elleka Okerstrom, left, and Yazid Pierce-Gray. (Submitted photo)
100%, would watch this play.

Television hairdressing [May Subd Geog]

Promotional still from 'Quantico' of Priyanka Chopra's gorgeous hair
Being on the run from the FBI does not excuse fly-aways!

Genre/Form Terms

Brunettes (Songs)

Cover art from 'The Brunettes' 'Mars Loves Venus'
This is not what is meant by the term.

Medium of Performance Terms

slide whistle


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