Violet (Cat)

Joining such illustrious peers as Wasabi (Cat)Hamish McHamish (Cat)Little Draggin’ Bear (Cat), and our First Cat: Socks (Cat), 1989-2009 — let’s all say hello to VIOLET

046 __ $f 2011-03-14 $2 edtf

100 0_ $a Violet $c (Cat)

368 __ $c Cats $c American shorthair cat $c Pets $2 lcsh

370 __ $a Massachusetts $c United States $e Jamaica Plain (Boston, Mass.) $e Somerville (Mass.) $e Culpeper (Va.) $e Washington (D.C.) $2 naf

372 __ $a Sleep $a Dinners and dining $2 lcsh

373 __ $a Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals $2 naf $s 2013 $t 2013

375 __ $a Females $2 lcsh

400 1_ $a Ganin, Violet $c (Cat)

400 1_ $a Marquardt, Violet $c (Cat)

670 __ $a Communication with Violet, August 10, 2019 $b (meow; meow meow; meow)

(h/t to @jordanclaire for the idea)

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